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This website is the landing-zone for “electronic” content of multiple lessons within the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. The departments Sonology, ArtofSound, and ArtScience all have subjects that relate to Electronics and technology used in Art and Music. The content will be created by multiple teachers from the different departments. On this website you will find mostly theory but also practical examples that are a guideline for the lessons.

Introduction to Electronics for Sonology

The lessons “Introduction to electronics” for Sonology Bachelor 1 students are obligatory. The students will have to attend to 6 sessions where the fundamentals of electronics will be shared, discussed and practiced. To finish the course a small electronic device has to be made. A device that works and that you can show around to family and friends!

Introduction to Electronics for Artscience

Four group lessons will be given in the rooms of Artscience Cam30. Also for the Ba1 group these lessons are obligatory. The keynotes of the actual subjects can be found on this website – mostly directly after the lesson.

Sensors Actuators and Microcontrollers

The course Sensors, Actuators and Microcontrollers deals with the fundamentals of interactive projects. The course consists of 8 full days of theoretical and practical lessons.

Courses MT1, MT2, Elak2 and TTS2 Art of Sound

Here are the readers of the courses by Jan Panis for AOS. Basic Electronics for MT1, Network theory and Network audio for MT2, basics of Sounddesign with loudspeakers and the basics of Vectorworks CAD drawing for TTS2.