A VOIP implementation of audionetworking by Audinate. They designed special chips (Brooklyn chips) that have to be installed in a device and that make discovering devices, monitoring, setup and connecting very easy. Disadvantage is, that manufacturers have to pay a fair amount of license money for that chip, so a number of manufacturers didn’t choose Dante but the license free AVB or Ravenna instead. You will find, that the latter protocols are much more complicated to work with. Combining protocols is only possible when they have AES67 implemented.

In the readers you will find avery good description of how Dante makes use of the vast possibilities of the Ethernet (VOIP) protocol. Audinate also has a very good certification program with free courses and tests. Course 1 is about the artifacts of digital audio, course 2 is about Ethernet, timing and uni-/multicast and course 3 digs deeper in setting up networks and routers for Dante. See: COURSE.

A great number of tutorial videos can be found here: VIDEOTUTORIALS

or read the AUDINATE course PDF

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Dante Networks in daily practice

Reader Dante Networks in daily practice (click on the pic):

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