It is not always possible to experiment with electronics, simply because you do not have the right tools or components to try out a new idea. Nowadays there are a lot of simulation programs, that help you solve electronic puzzles. Below some examples of applications that can really be useful to try out:


This application runs in the browser, it is for free and there are a lot of sample circuits available. During the simulation it shows the flow of current with moving dots – the higher the speed, the higher the current.

Checkout this link:


A small but powerful application is iCircuit. It is not for free (few euro’s) but it runs on the Mac and PC. It has a good library with components and can give a realistic simulation of a circuit.


Yenka is a simulation application designed for education. Not only electronics can be simulated, but lots of other technical, physical, mathematical and chemical processes can be simulated. For the students it is free of charge. You can use it without a license. Check it out: