Introduction to Electronics Ba1

Academic year 2023-2024

Introduction to Electronics Ba1

Introduction to Electronics” for Sonology Ba1 students consists of at least 8 group lessons with an additional small electronic assignment to finish the course. In these lessons we will talk about the most fundamental electronics subjects like: ohms law, AC, DC, frequency, phase, digital, analog, interfacing, sensors, building electronics, power supplies and much more. Also subjects that come along with all the questions you have during the lessons will be part of the content.

Please check the content of this website as well for more information about the different subjects. Check the video page for some fundamentals. The lessons will start Tuesday October 4th in Sonology studio 6.75 (studio for live Electronic music). Check your Asimut agenda.

Assignment for this course (23-24)

Build your own small electronic device that works

At the start of the first lesson you will all get your own small electronics-kit that consists of the following components:

A small breadboard,
9V battery, battery clip,
Resistors: 2 x 10k, 2 x 470k, 2 x 470E
Capacitors: 1 x10uF, 2 x 100uF, 2 x 10nF, 2 x 100nF
Leds” 2 x Red, 1 x green
Semiconductors: 2 x NPN (BC547), 1 x PNP (BC557), 1 x FET (BS170)
A few wires

Electronics Starter package

Below you see the PDF ‘booklet’ of the ‘Electronics starting kit” which we will use during the lessons as a nice starting point for building some simple electronics.