Introduction to Electronics Ba1

Introduction to Electronics Sonology Ba1 – 2021/2022

Introduction to Electronics for Sonology Ba1 students normally consist of 6 practical instruction lessons. In these lessons we will talk about the most fundamental electronic subjects like ohms law, voltage, current, ac, dc, frequency, phase, digital, analog and much much more. Also subjects the students themselves find interesting can be part of the lesson.

Due to the move to Amare we will start with a few grouplessons on Thursday February 3rd in Sonology studio 6.75 (studio for live Electronic music).

The location of the individual lessons is the office of the Electronics Workshop (Amare, 6.67) and the group-size will be limited to a maximum of two students per lesson. This is due to the lack of space. To finish the course all lessons have to be attended and a small assignment has to be carried out:

Build a small electronic device.
A device that works.

Below you will find the PDF of an ‘Electronics starting kit” which we will use as a nice starting point for building some electronics. See you soon!


Introduction to Electronics Sonology Ba1 – 2021/2022