Musical Controllers Workshop

Sonology B2

The MSC workshop will be hosted by two teachers, Johan van Kreij and Lex van den Broek. The course is mandatory for the Sonology Bachelor 2 (B2) group and it will consist of two intensive workshop weeks (2 x 5 days), one in the autumn and one in spring. During these workshops we will talk about sensors, actuators, coding, digital-and analog- electronics and we will guide the participants with their Musical Controller Project assignment.

The goal of the workshop is to discover more about the the technology behind musical-instruments and controllers and to be able to design and create your own instrument and play it!

CourseDates 22-23:

introduction day #1 Tuesday October 4th, 15:30-17:30
introduction day #2 Tuesday October 11th, 15:30-17:30

WorkshopWeek 1: 11 – 15 November 2022
WorkShopWeek 2: 13 – 17 March 2023

Sensor Overview (day 1)